How to create your own essential wardrobe

Do you know that feeling? Standing in front of your overfull and unorganized closet stressing about what to wear for drinks with friends. You know that you have a lot of clothes but still feel like you have nothing to wear. 

No stress ladies, let us show you how to do it differently!


Less is more!

Maybe you have heard of it before, a capsule closet. It means to have only essential and favorite pieces in your closet so every item is used and loved. A known fact is that most women actually wear only 20% of their clothes they own. Crazy right?! The official meaning of the capsule closet means having a maximum of 37 items for each season. Of course you can do this in any way you like but the idea is the same, less is more! 

But what are the advantages to having a small selection of clothes?

Easier to pick

No stress anymore standing in front of your closet in the morning. Having less clothes gives you a clearer overview of what you own and what goes together. And since every item in your closet is carefully picked out there is nothing you don’t love!

Saves money

It saves money! Buying high quality pieces may cost a little more at the cash desk but they last much longer than a regular H&M or ZARA piece. This will eventually save you quite some money. 

Great, now you can order that extra cocktail ;)

Environmentally friendly

Our Mother Earth loves you for not buying clothes every season that also only last for one. It creates lots of textile waste, it supports polluting fast fashion production facilities and by buying clothes like this you support the whole fast fashion industry which causes it to go on and on. Having less clothes that are suitable for various occasions and/or seasons makes you pick clothes carefully and keeps the bad bargains that end up not being used or thrown away to a minimum.

 Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.

How to keep it fashionable

I can hear you thinking… I don’t want to look boring in the same outfits for several years!

Well, there are ways to limit the amount of clothes in your wardrobe but still look fashionable. The trick is to choose items that are multifunctional and can be combined with lots of other items in your closet. 

For example take The Neena blazer; you can wear it in a complete suit for a more formal look, wear it over a dress for a party look or as a jacket over your sweater for a super casual outfit. 

See here below how Fenna styles the blazer!



This way you create a great amount of outfits for every kind of occasion!


See here below a capsule wardrobe created by ELLE magazine that we love.

It shows that it’s important to divide your clothes in basic items, key pieces and some eye-catchers. This way there is a good balance in your closet so that you can create up to 80 different outfits.

Capsule Wardrobe by ELLE

We are on the way to minimize our closet, are you too?

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