Neena. is a dutch brand focusing on high quality designs made with a fair production process. Our focus is on producing clothes that will last long and are not based on a trend or season. The mission is to create an essential wardrobe for women to look and feel good in.

As a slow fashion brand, we strive to keep our (negative) impact on the environment and fashion production industry as low as possible. During our production processes our goal is to ensure a save working environment and work together only with like-minded brands and companies. We find it important to share with you the lifecycle of our designs from start to end, to give you an impression and to show you that clothes should be taken care of. Because we want our designs to have a long lifecycle, for you to enjoy it many years.

  • How it started

    During our semester abroad in 2020, we lived in Jakarta together. We were inspired by the culture and the way women dressed. That is when we decided: we want to create a (slow fashion) brand for women to feel strong and empowered in, but at the same time comfortable.

  • Our mission

    Neena's mission is to create an essential wardrobe for women to feel strong and empowered in. High quality designs made with love and care, carefully chosen fabrics that last long and comfortable and timeless pieces that you can enjoy for many years.

  • The future

    Our future goal is to keep improving and keep researching new and more sustainable/durable fabrics. This way, we can provide women with a wardrobe full of essentials that are a dream to wear and you can be proud of wearing.

Behind Neena.


We are Lieke Huijskes and Fenna Wildering, founders of Neena. We met in college when we studied fashion and textile technologies together.

We always dreamt of having our own brand and creating designs. Our passion for fashion and nature is what drives us to make Neena a succes. Besides business partners, we are also friends, which makes working and Neena meetings even more fun!