Behind the scenes

We believe investing in quality items will save you money and the environment. That is the reason we put a lot of time in researching the most durable fabrics that are also made in a fair way.

What do we mean with 'a fair way'? Along the entire process from resource to the actual cloth, we strive for fair wages, healthy working conditions and a low impact on the environment. We can check this through certificates production facilities hold and memberships to organisations like fair wear foundation.

Besides this, we also try to keep the production of the items as close as possible. This way we can visit the factories and ateliers on a regular basis to check the quality during the process.

  • Fabrics/sourcing

    During our studies 'fashion and textile technologies' we have gathered information about all the different fabrics and their characteristics. The fabric feel, production process and their durability is very important when we choose fabrics for a new drop. We focus on a environmental friendly process, comfort and fibers that last long.

  • Production

    As mentioned above, we try to keep everything as close as possible. This way we can ensure a high quality, and the transport duration is also kept to a minimum. The power suits are produced in an atelier the Netherlands, with Tencel made in Turkey. We love to support small businesses like ourself, and that is why we like to work with ateliers to produce the drops.

  • Packaging

    The packaging is made from 50% recycled paper. We choose to pack in boxes, as this is stronger and easier to recycle after use. Besides, we want your order to be a present for yourself, which is why we pack it with a personalized and hand written wish card.

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Our fabrics


Tencel (or Lyocell) is also referred to as a 'natural man-made fiber'. It is made from wood pulp derived from eucalyptus trees. The wood is made into pulp and this is dissolved with chemical solvent which is then pushed through an extruder to form fibers. The chemical solvent can be reused for 99%.

One of the many advantages is the softness of Tencel, which makes it very comfortable to wear. Besides that, the fabric is breathable, elastic and wrinkle resistant. It absorbs moisture effectively and is a sweat-wicking material.

Although it is a little more expensive due to the technolgy used in the process, we love Tencel!

Wash & care: we recommend to wash at 30 degrees and then hang out to dry. This was, your suit stays the prettiest.

* We also wrote a blog about Tencel: check 'Neena's stories'.

Organic cotton

We use organic cotton in the new essential sweater instead of conventional cotton. But why? The difference is in the way of production. Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have low impact on the environment. Conventional cotton is grown using many very toxic chemicals that have a very bad impact on the earth's air, soil, water and the health of people working and living in cotton growing areas.

Recycled polyester

The sweaters contain recycled polyester, which is post-consumer waste shredded and spun into new yarns. This way, old clothes are being re-used in new clothes.